Find the most suitable specialists and clinics from any corner

Practice Management

Clinics run by single or a set of Doctor.
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Hospital Management

Manage multiple Doctors from multiple locations, hospital administrations
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Personal Health Record

Manage individual personal health record
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Appointment Schedule

Choose Doctors/clinics and book appointment online.
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The Right Software for Doctors and Clinics

  • eHealthbook is for

  • Clinics

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Family Practice

  • Medical Chains

  • Hospital

  • TPA

  • Individual Users

  • Advantages

  • Ease of use

  • Secure

  • Low start-up cost

  • Save time

  • web-delivered technology

  • integrated package

  • Features

  • Electronic Medical Record

  • Personal Health Record

  • Automation of Clinical Practice

  • Automation of Hospital Administration

  • Automation of Claims Process

  • Data Analytics

  • Billing